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In an ideal world, this section of the website would feature old photos of the first and second generations to serve the community:  my grandparents, my parents and the original chapel on Spadina Avenue. Unfortunately, however, in 2005 we had a major flood in the basement at Benjamin’s Park Memorial Chapel and many of our old family and chapel photographs were destroyed.

The following pictures were in an album at the cottage, and so were spared. They document the early years of the third and fourth generations of Benjamins.  Apologies in advance for my big 70s hair.

We broke ground for the new chapel in 1976.  We took the kids and my parents to visit the construction site.  It was an exciting day for Penny and me. Mom and dad look content here, don’t they?  Brave woman to wear white pants to a field of mud! A family celebration, 1979.
Clearly, Jordan shares his papa’s facility with a shovel, as well as with accounting! The new chapel opened August 2, 1977.  It was a proud day for our family.
I’ve always liked this shot of Marc. Here, I tried to interest Jordan in my passion for riding.  None of the kids really picked it up. My boys and my parents, in Miami, Florida.
Here’s Barbi at her graduation with Michael Levitt – then, her boyfriend, now her husband.  He’s like another son to me. My girl at three, and with her beautiful mom, at age 16.
The time passes so quickly.
For about 10 years now, the chapel’s “best friend” has been our Australian Shepherd, Buddy.  Buddy is a working dog, perhaps the only canine funeral director in the world!  When a grieving family comes to make arrangements, Buddy will quietly greet them, to see if they would appreciate his presence.  About 80 per cent of the time, families welcome him into the arrangement room. Calmly and with great tenderness, he will move around the room, comforting everyone.  Buddy has been asked to funerals and remembered in obituary notices.